The Importance of Accurate Estimation

Competition is fierce across the construction industry.  Times have been tough since 2008, the recession has helped to shrink revenues and squeeze margins.  Large companies that have made layoffs only spawned new competition in their own market from former employees.  Accurate estimation of jobs you bid on has become ever more important.  We have lost jobs where we bid less than $100 higher than our competitor, and we’re sure everyone in the construction industry within the last 4 years shares a similar story.

We understand how important an accurate estimation is.  We also understand that the crane and rigging expense of your job can be a large chunk.  With that in mind, one of our guiding philosophies is to provide the most accurate quotes, and the most efficient machines and techniques to get your job done.

Our adherence to this principle comes not just in dollars and cents but in application.  We constantly add to and upgrade our fleet of equipment.  We stay on top of new technology in our field and rely on our personnel’s experience, creativity, and ingenuity to provide our customers with more, for less.

Let’s have a discussion about the next project your bidding.  Let our team help figure out the most efficient way to get your job done.  We are always available to go over plans, walk a site, or whatever it takes to help you win your next bid.Enhanced by Zemanta