A Busy Summer for Our 400 Ton

Our new Libherr 1350 6.1 has not had much of a rest.  Since it arrived in March the machine has done over 17 jobs (typically a job for this size crane is a minimum 2-3 days).  It’s assembled (2) tower cranes, set (2) convault tanks, set (2) precast buildings, built (2) bridges and has set a few high up, far out mechanical units with its luffing jib.

As you can see by the different jobs it has done, it is an incredibly diverse machine.  There are hundreds of thousands of different configurations with different counterweights, Y-guy system, fixed jib, and luffing jib that allow us to customize the machine for adequate capacity at the most efficient cost to our customers.

Precast structures, mechanical equipment, tower crane assembly, bridge projects, heavy machinery or tanks – Anything heavy, high, or far…this machine can do it all!