275 t Grove

Quick Pick Crane 275 Ton Setting BridgeThe Grove GMK5275 All-Terrain Hydraulic Crane is our flagship model and our most versatile piece of equipment. The counterweights can be configured in such a way that allows this crane to operate as a 180, 210, or a 275 ton crane. This allows us to bill our customers appropriately for the size crane need for their job.

Cranes of this size require multiple loads of counterweight to travel separately from the crane itself because of state weight limits. At full capacity the 275 ton requires 4 loads of counterweight to be delivered. If a smaller crane (180 or 210 ton) is required, not as many counterweight loads need to be sent out with this crane. This allows us to save our customers money by providing them with the capacity needed. One crane, different counterweight configurations, different capacity options, different price scales.

This crane can travel to and operate in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts.

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• 275 Ton Capacity
• Can be configured as 180 or 210 Ton Capacity Crane
• 355’ of Tip Height
• 44 – 223 ft. (13.3 – 68 m) 7 section full power boom
• 39 – 69 ft. (12 – 21 m) hydraulic offset bi-fold swingaway
• 2 x 26 ft. (8 m) intermediate lattice inserts
• 169,700 lb. (77 t) counterweight with hydraulic removal system