33 t National

33 Ton National 1400 Boom TruckThere are many factors that go into determining a crane for a job site then just weight, distance up, and distance out.  Factors such as traveling to the site (state weight laws), city road requirements (permits, street blocking, police detail), ground material, obstructions, height restrictions – all factor in to determining the right crane for a particular job.

The addition of our first National 1400 33 Ton Boom Truck provided us (and our customers) the ability to do jobs that required a much larger crane in the past, saving our customers $1,000’s of potential dollars.  It became such a popular piece of equipment we acquired 2 additional 1400’s.

What makes this crane so versatile is it’s long hydraulic main boom and a compact, low weight design.  It allows us to maneuver in tight urban settings where putting on a jib could be impossible, the 1400 allows us to complete jobs on the main boom instead of sending out a bigger crane.

This crane has been very popular with tree services in suburban areas.  It’s light weight and maneuverability does less damage to property, it has better chart capacity then other boom truck options, and the long main boom allows tip height without having to put a jib on.

This crane is available for rent with an operator in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

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  • 33-ton (29.94-t) maximum capacity
  • 167′ maximum vertical reach
  • 127′ Main Boom
  • 30′ of Jib
  • 2 man fixed basket available
  • Does not require an overweight permit to travel on roads
  • Compact and able to maneuver in tight job sites