Potain IGO T 130

Potain IGO T 130 Tower CraneThe IGO T 130 is the younger, but bigger brother of our HDT 80 tower crane.  Like it’s older bro’ it is fully electric, and provides a clean and quiet lifting solution to customers limited by noise or emission regulations.

An 8 ton machine a couple feet out is how it’s labeled, but this number is quiet misleading.  Out 164′ from it’s center pin, this machine has a capacity of appx 3,000 lbs which rivals 90 ton hydraulic cranes.  But the boom geometry is the real story – The IGO T 130 can work on a 115′ tall building, sit 20′ off the face, and reach in 144′ from the edge with 3,000 lbs.  An equivalent crane to make that pick would be a 275 Ton Crane, 169,700 lbs of counterweight, full jib, 2 inserts with a 20° offset…and it still comes up 2′ short!  To boot, the 275 would have to sit 61′ off the building, not very conducive for tight urban areas.

Place it in the middle of your job site for a 360° work radius.  Tower cranes are a perfect solution for urban workspaces, where crawler or hydraulic crane set up may be a problem.

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  • Fully electrical, noise and emission free
  • Self Erecting
  • Hassle Free Transport
  • Multiple mast heights
  • Multiple jib lengths
  • 360° 150’ Maximum Work Radius
  • Can run off of existing power supply or a generator (additional charges apply for generator)
  • Permanent Set Up – Long or Short Term Rental Duration

Possible Uses

  • Courtyards where heavy machinery is restricted
  • University’s and College’s where noise and emissions are a consideration
  • Urban Workspaces
  • Material hoisting (roofing, concrete, masonry, soil)
  • Steel Erecting
  • Wood Panelized Construction