Yale New Haven Hospital Roofing Job

Crane Service New Haven CTThe job you see here is truly an engineering feat!  We’re not talking about our flagship 275 ton Grove All Terrain Crane sporting a tip height of over 300′.  Nor are we talking about how it hoisted close to 5,000 lbs 156′ away from its center pin to the 160′ roof of Yale New Haven Hospital.  This job is an engineering feat because the 150,000 lb crane in the videos and pictures is set up on top of a parking deck!




Shoring under Crane

Steel Column Shoring Under Each Outrigger Down 2 Stories

It was the only place the crane could set up so engineers had to design a way to support the deck so it wouldn’t collapse under the weight of the crane.  Their solution was to use shoring under each outrigger.  32 steel columns under each outrigger (see pic) down 2 stories provided the support needed for the crane.


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