UMass Chiller Install Amherst, MA

Chiller Rigging Amherst, MA

This project happened at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA.  The challenge was to get a 26,000# chiller into an opening that was 20′ high.  The gantry was used to extend the floor out 5′ in order to avoid the conduit that ran across the top of the opening.  2 industrial cranes were used to hoist and walk the piece through the opening.  One crane was on full outriggers and swung the piece, and the other crane was on tires and rolled forward with the chiller.

Once the chiller was through, it was skated 25′, then jacked up onto a 10″ pad.  Our crew set up for about 4 hours the day before and finished within 8 hours the day of the job.


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