New Chillers in Office Requires 2 Lane Shut Down Rt. 7 Norwalk

This job was months in the making, and the snow storms and high winds we received during January and February extended the execution of this job even further.  The scope of work put in front of us by Encon HVAC was to remove and scrap the old chillers; receive, store, and deliver the new chillers.  The job required both a crane and rigging component.

This required that we set up directly on Rt. 7 in Norwalk, a major 4 lane road.  Our dispatch team spent many hours pre-planning with both state and local road authorities.  Typically, when road closure is necessary, permits are pulled from the town or city, but because Rt. 7  is a state road and major thoroughfare, a state permit was also needed.  Police detail was provided by the Norwalk Police.

Just another example of how we go above and beyond for our customers – turnkey solutions: crane, rigging, receiving, storage, trucking, road permits, sign & cone patterns, police detail.