Maiden Voyage: 400 Ton Liebherr Sets Super Truss in 2 Crane Pick

Super Truss 3

On her maiden voyage, A Quick Pick Crane’s 400 Ton Liebherr 1350 6.1 performed a 2 crane pick with Quick Picks 275 Ton GMK 5275.  The scope of work was to hoist and hold a 187,000 lb, 164′ long Super Truss for a large airplane hanger, as iron worker crews connected the truss to the frame of the building.  Also onsite was a Grove RT750e 50 Ton Rough Terrain that was tasked to set a support column once the super truss was up and out of the way.


The Liebherr 1350 6.1 needed a reduced counterweight configuration and really performed the work of a 300 Ton machine.  Its share of the load totaling 93,410 lbs at a 30′ Radius with 113′ of main boom.


As you can imagine a large amount of pre planning happened to make this job happen, not to mention a critical lift plan is mandated by OSHA for all 2 crane picks.  Quick Pick’s project managers have much experience and skill preparing these plans for our customers.  As you can see from the pictures, we are able to diagram plans that resemble the real life situation with 3D Lift Plan.

Super Truss 12 MSR - Bradley ANG - C-130 Hangar Super Truss - 3D Lift Plan - RT Info-4-15-2016Super Truss 22 MSR - Bradley ANG - C-130 Hangar Super Truss - 3D Lift Plan - Revised with RT-4-15-2016