100,000 lb Boiler Installation Long Island, NY

100,000 lb Boiler RigThis job took place at Stony Brook Hospital in Long Island, NY.  Our customer was building a steam boiler inside of an existing power plant.  It was built in place, in sections, but grand total weight topped 100,000 lbs.

The first mobilization required our rigging crew to do the bulk of the work.  The first order of business was to hoist and set 5,000 lb sections of duct work, a 15,000 lb economizer, and steel I-Beams for support.  All these pieces need to be hoisted close to 30′ inside the building.

The upper tube, called the steam drum, weighed 18,000 lbs.  This was hoisted into place with a hydraulic gantry, then the mud drum (bottom tube) was rolled in on skates underneath the steam tube.  Both were temporarily held in place by vertical steel columns while support walls were welded into place.

At this point our riggers work was done, and over the next couple weeks the boiler company placed and welded pipes running from corresponding holes between the steam drum and mud drum.  Once finished, the steam drum, mud drum, and pipes were 1 complete 100,000 lb unit.  The second mobilization required our riggers to come in and raise the boiler unit onto its final resting place.

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