New 45 Ton Boom Truck with 142′ of Main Boom!

45 Ton National NBT 45Introducing our new 45 ton National NBT45 Boom Truck! Unlike other updates to our fleet over the past couple months, this is an addition rather than an upgrade. This crane is destined to become an all-star addition.

Boasting 142′ of main boom, this crane is going to add a whole new level of flexibility. Until this 45 came along that much power boom wasn’t available from our fleet (and most other crane companies fleets for that matter) from anything below a 110 ton. This means more boom, in tight areas, for less money.

Our 33 Ton National 1400A has been a very popular machine because of similar features: 127′ main boom on a smaller boom truck frame. The 33 ton has been especially popular among tree companies for its ability to set down its outriggers in tight spots, squirt its boom, and go right to work. The ability to work on main boom rather than the jib, typically provides more capacity making a job like tree work with unpredictable weights much safer. Safe to say the new 45 ton will have similar reception!