New 30 Ton and 33 Ton Upgrades

30 Ton Manitex 30112SRecently A-Quick Pick Crane and Rigging upgraded 2 boom trucks in their 30 ton range.

The first upgrade rolled in mid-August 2014, but didn’t begin much work until 2015.  A 30 Ton Manitex 30112S has begun to phase out our 28 Ton Manitex 2892c.  Even with more capacity, 20 more feet of main boom, and 20 more feet of total tip height this machine will remain in the same price category as its predecessor.


33 Ton National 1400A UpgradeJust the other day, a brand new 33 Ton National 1400A rolled into our yard to replace an aging machine of the same model line.  Our (3) 33 Ton machines are very popular because of their 127′ of main boom.  That feature allows this machine to set up and go to work where most boom trucks have to put on the jib.  In tight locations, putting the jib on is not an option, making this crane the MVP of boom trucks.  These cranes see alot of action, especially with our tree customers.  Making sure they are in top working condition is a priority.  New cranes ensure that our customers jobs will run safe, smooth, and have the least possibility of downtime due to breakdown.