Large All Terrain’s for Assembling Tower Cranes

Liebherr 1350 Setting Tower Crane

400 Ton Liebherr setting jib section on tower crane.

A Quick Pick Crane And Rigging has assembled and disassembled a number of large tower cranes for contractors, mostly in the Stamford, CT area.  Their GMK 5275, 275 Ton hydraulic has performed these duties, working for concrete companies, carpenters, and general contractors.


Their newly added Liebherr 1350 6.1, 400 Ton hydraulic will add an additional layer of capability for larger or harder to reach tower cranes.  The 400 comes equipped with a Y Guy (Superlift) system, which gives the crane more stability, and thus capacity at higher heights.  Many times this allows the entire tower crane to be assembled with a hydraulic crane without having to jump sections on the tower.  Not only does it take less time but it is more convenient and safer for the renting contractor.


See Quick Pick in action below – Tower crane assembly in Stamford, CT with our GMK5275.