Rigging a 44,000 Pound Press in Connecticut

Rigging a Large PressThis monster was big and heavy.  Our customer National Breaker Service in Derby, CT bought a press to use in their factory and needed our rigging division to help them set it in place.  According to the manufacturer of the press the weight was supposed to be 36,000 lbs, but when we hooked it up to the line of our 60 Ton Grove Truck Crane the true weight was slightly over 44,000 lbs!

This is not an unusual situation when dealing with older machinery equipment.  Sometimes older information is inaccurate and it’s tough to estimate accurate weight.  Our seasoned crew of riggers are always prepared for situations such as this and finished the job with ease.

The press was delivered on a tractor trailer bed, hoisted off with a 60 ton crane, then rigged inside the building using the crane, rigging skates, hydraulic lifts, and a 15,000 lb fork lift.

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