Rigging Chillers at Yonkers Raceway

Rigging 500 Ton Chiller at Yonkers Raceway, NYThe pictures were taken at Yonkers Raceway, Yonkers, NY at the end of 2010. The raceway needed a 400 Ton chiller (Appox. 25,000 lbs) replaced. The first part of this job required our team of riggers to demo the existing chiller with torches.  Once the existing units were removed the new system was set in place.

In order to get both the old units out and the new in, special ski’s and skid’s were fabricated to get the equipment up and down a tight flight of stairs.  Additionally the chiller driveline had to be suspended above the barrels with a hyhydraulic gantry.

No other equipment was removed during this rigging job.  Our crew of experienced riggers were able to complete the job in extremely tight quarters.

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