Setting 80′ Trusses in Berlin, CT with 33 Ton Crane

Many truss jobs require long reach or multiple set ups depending on the length on the building. Our 33 Ton National Boom Truck is a great crane for truss jobs. With 127′ of main boom, it has plenty of stick to reach far points on a building without spending time putting the jib on. If the job requires multiple set ups, a boom truck is much easier to break down and move compared to bigger cranes, and its 33 Ton capacity allows it to handle larger trusses then other boom trucks. It’s a great alternative to the cost and bulkiness of bigger truck cranes.

This particular job took place in Berlin, CT. White Eagle Construction needed to set 80′ wooden trusses on an 80′ residential building. On this job the 33 Ton was photographed by National Crane for one of their marketing campaigns to show the versatility this crane possesses. The pictures you see here appear courtesy of National Crane.



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