Tower Cranes in Action At Local University New Haven, CT

In the video you’ll see our twin Potain HDT 80 Tower Cranes in action at a local university in New Haven, CT. Dimeo Construction is in charge of remodeling and revitalizing the entire building which includes the addition of observation decks on the top floors. You can see what a great view of downtown New Haven and the surrounding areas these decks have from the videos.

Reaching most parts of the jobsite with major space limitations was a challenge Dimeo faced when planning out the job. Having Quick Pick supply them with 2 tower cranes was the solution. It eliminated the need for each sub-contractor to order their own crane every time they needed something hoisted, this would have caused either Chapel or High St to be partially shut down each time and overall would have cost much more money. Instead the tower cranes were permanently mounted and took up only a 24’ diameter footprint each. They fit on the confines of the jobsite without going out into the street. So far the crane has serviced the demolition crew, ironworkers, masons, roofers, carpenters, and the mechanical contractors.

Potain HDT 80 Tower Cranes are the way to help all your subs reach all parts of your jobsite. They have wireless, remote operation that allows the operator to move to the best vantage point. In addition, these cranes are electric, making operation very quiet and emission free. Great for the environment and students trying to study!

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