Helping Telecom Company Decommission 40 Sites in 2015

Cell Site Decommission with 70 TonIn the last half of 2015, A Quick Pick Crane Service provided cranes and operators to decommission close to 40 Metro PCS sites in the Connecticut and Westchester County, NY area.  Metro PCS became part of T-Mobile in May of 2013, in some areas the companies had redundant coverage and some of the existing equipment could be recycled to other areas in need.

Civil Solutions, out of Vista, CA contacted Quick Pick in the early spring for pricing.  Many of the jobs were able to be planned with field measurements provided by Civil Solutions coupled with analysis and measurements via satellite by Quick Pick.  Out of state companies always benefit from Quick Picks ability to turn around a large number of quotes is a small period of time as well as acquiring the necessary street permits, hoisting permits, and police detail to perform work in different areas.

The photos are from a recent decommissioning job on 24 Belden Ave, Norwalk, CT.  The job required a 70 ton crane, a road obstruction permit, and police detail.