Lowering 90,000 LB Precast Basin with 275 Ton Crane in Hartford, CT

The job you see here featured in this video took place in Hartford, CT.  A sewer line that was too big to fit under a structure had to be split into 3 smaller pipes.  The piece in the video is the precast concrete basin that splits the large pipe into the 3 smaller.

The piece weighed approx 90,000 pounds, hoisted from the street, swung over and lowered approximately 15-20 feet into a hole.  Once it was lowered to the bottom of the pit, it was hovered centimeters above the ground and had to be slid under the lip of the large pipe.  The entire job was done with our Grove GMK 5275 275 Ton All Terrain Crane.  But the crane was configured as and billed as a 180 ton crane.  The 5275 is a versatile crane that can be configured as a 180, 210, or a 275 ton crane, providing our clients with the right crane for their project at the right price.

All Terrain Crane Service in Hartford, CT