Crane Projects

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Chiller Change Out, Road Closure – Rt. 7 Norwalk, CT

Norwalk, CT Crane & Rigging Service Our 275 Ton GMK and rigging crew shuts down 2 lanes on Rt 7 in Norwalk, CT.

Rough Terrain Solution for Tight Space in Derby, CT

Derby CT Rough Terrain Rental Our Grove RT750e Rough Terrain Crane set up in a tight location to hoist men in a basket to work on cell equipment in Derby, CT.

Hoisting Precast Sewage System for Holy S#%& in Wilton, CT

Wilton CT Crane Service Our Our 90 Ton Link Belt Truck Crane performing precast work in Wilton, CT.

2 Crane Pick on Sprain Brook PKWY Bridge

Sprain Brook Parkway Westchester, NY Crane Service Our 275 Ton performing 2 crane pick setting bridge beams for the sprain brook parkway in Westchester County, NY.

Yale New Haven Hospital Roofing Job New Haven, CT

New Haven CT Crane Service Our 275 Ton GMK sitting on a fortified parking garage hoisting roofing material in New Haven, CT.

Tower Crane Assembly Stamford, CT

Tower Crane Assemblt Stamford, CT Our 275 Ton GMK moving a large Terex tower crane in Stamford, CT.

888 Crawler Crane Sets Parking Garage Stamford, CT

Crawler Crane Stamford, CT Our Manitowoc 888 Crawler Crane at work on a parking garage in Stamford, CT.

MRI Machine Hoist Norwalk, CT

275 Ton MRI Hoist Our 275 ton Grove Crane Setting an MRI Machine at Norwalk Hospital.

New Time & Temp Clock on Bank of America Bridgeport, CT

275 Ton Crane with InsertsOur 275 ton Grove Crane Setting a new digital time and temp sign at the Bank of America building in Bridgeport, CT.

Potain Tower Crane Hoists Gang Forms and More Lakeville, CT

Tower Crane - Hotchkiss School - Lakeville, CT - Quick Pick Crane ServiceOur Potain HDT-80 Tower Crane setting gang forms at the Hotchkiss School Lakeville, CT.

80 Ton Rough Terrain Crane Sets Rebar at New School Bridgeport, CT

80 Ton Rough Terrain Our 80 Ton Grove RT at work setting rebar at a new school in Bridgeport, CT.

60 Ton Setting HVAC Units at VFW Westport, CT

VFW Westport Our 60 Ton Grove Mobile Truck Crane Setting HVAC Units in Westport, CT.

Lowering a 90,000# Concrete Basin with 275 Ton Crane Hartford, CT

90,000 Basin Our GMK 5275 lowers a 90,000 pound concrete basin in a hole for the sewer system in Hartford, CT.

Tower Crane Set Up and Break Down New Haven, CT

Tower Crane Set UpOur Potain HDT 80 setting up and breaking down before a wind storm New Haven, CT.

Tower Cranes in Action at Local University New Haven, CT

Tower Crane New Haven, CTDual Potain HDT 80’s servicing multiple trades on a jobsite at a college in New Haven, CT.

275 Ton Crane Hoisting Excavator New Haven, CT

Excavator Over Buiding with CraneWatch our 275 Ton Crane hoist a 36,000 lb excavator over a building.

Residential Tree Removal Fairfield, CT

Tree Removal with CraneOur 33 Ton crane removing a tree in Fairfield, CT.  National Crane took the pictures for a feature on the National 1400.

Setting 80′ Wooden Trusses Berlin, CT

Setting Trusses Berlin, CTOur 33 Ton crane setting 80′ wooden trusses Berlin, CT. National Crane took the pictures for a feature on the National 1400.

Setting a Conspan Bridge Oxford, CT

275 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane setting Conspan BridgeOur 275 Ton crane setting a conspan bridge in Oxford, CT.

Valley Railroad 2 Crane Pick on Train Essex, CT

2 Crane Pick Locomotive Train2 of our cranes unloading a locomotive in Essex, CT